Our Partners

ZSG partners with industry leaders, innovators and niche vendors to bring the right solution to your environment. Our motto has been service excellence from the very beginning and we hold that concept dearly in every aspect of our business.

“Our success has really been based on partnerships from the very beginning.” 

Bill Gates, Founder of Microsoft

Solutions That Work For You

Our engineering team has worked with hundreds of vendors over the decades and have hand-picked the best solutions for every technological sphere we service. From digital platform technologies, across datacenter infrastructure, public cloud, automation, operations, security, and DevOps.

We have diversified our portfolio based on functionality, innovation, reliability and economic quadrants. We did all the research so that we can service businesses of all size and needs. Our goal is to bring forth the best of the breed technology solutions for all your needs today and tomorrow.

Here are a few of our technology providers, all focused towards optimizing your Business IT.